Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017- And the word is FOCUS

2017 -  FOCUS

I plan on making more messes, and my word for the year is 'FOCUS'

-FOCUS on what I can do, instead of what I can't.
-FOCUS on my creative self
-FOCUS on my health

And I am sure as the year goes on I will add more to the list.

So far I have painted many pages for my Journals etc

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Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor

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Made some Alcohol Inks with, texta inserts, and some acrylic paints - results are as above.

And spent time in my garden setting up a raised garden bed vegetable gardenImage may contain: plant, flower and outdoor

And also tried using vinegar to de-rust some tools.

I just love it when I can do two things at once. Found a heap of tool's that had rusted after the box they had been in got uncovered. So needed to de-rust them and make some rusty material. I even tried some t-shirt material to see how it would take. Now I need to give them a good shake, leave them on the line to dry and then iron them to heat set them. Can't wait to see what they look like. P.S I soaked them in vinegar!
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All in all a good start to 2017!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

2016 - The year that wasn't

I had big plans for 2016, but my back and several doses of flu etc had other ideas. I would no sooner get through one then the other would hit. So I am putting 2016 down as the year I did lots of self examination, processed ideas in my head and did a lot of research, with occasional bouts of activity!

I am now focusing on 2017 and have put into motion many of the ideas I came up with while unwell.  The first of these is a 'My useful shit book'   This will have all my ideas, research, and information.  Much of which is floating around in my head, on pieces of paper all over the house etc,.

I am also going to focus on drawing etc, so have been pre-painting pages with Gesso, which I make myself.  I have been experimenting with homemade Alcohol Inks. 

 Doing a lot of Gesso pages, I tend to do them in batches so I have them on hand

 Setting up.  These inks I made with Rubbing Alcohol and Texta Inserts. 30mls Alcohol, place insert in and leave for 24 hours, I occasionally tipped the inserts up the other way, so that the Alcohol ran back down the tube, into the bottle.

 Some I did on dry paper, others like these I wet the paper first to help spread and blend colours easier

This is a cake cooling rack that I wired together and use as my paint drying rack

Below are templates I designed and then printed on the prepainted pages.  These I plan to use for drawing practise.  Sometimes a large blank page, no matter how pretty, can be intimidating. So I break them up and just focus on one square at a time, by then the boxes are full and I just decorate with swirls, vines and other bits and pieces around the edges.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

New Beginnings

2015 was a challenge.

Moving house twice made life very disorganised and disruptive.

Moved the second time just before Christmas and am slowly settling in and setting up space to start my experiments again.

So here is to 2016, the start of a New Year and the start of many new experiments to come

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Hints of Spring and Madness

From my trials yesterday I got to thinking about colours and came up with this, this morning. Yes Spring Madness is definitely on its way.

I have a solid board and have padded it with old blankets, then covered it in calico. If I do more of these I may have to consider making up a smaller board for ease of using in small areas.

Hope you give this a try, experiment more and let me know how you went, and have as much fun as I did. Enjoy

These are what I buy when the Craft Show comes, it is the only time I get such a wide variety to choose from. I placed it on cardboard so it would stay firm. Next time I will use some temporary adhesive or a non- slip piece under it so it won't slide

Pin fabric over top and pin it to stop from moving

Carefully use medium - here I use Shirva Paint Sticks - and rub increasing pressure to get a firm 'print'

Carefully add other colours

After adding colours and playing around a bit, this is the result. Not bad for a first time and took very little time

Friday, 14 August 2015

Making Your Own stencils

l use thin cardboard that is A4 size. This gives the solid base that is needed for the stencils.

Next I print out silhouettes, pictures etc  some from copyright sites, and some I design myself. I also find the cardboard designs that are used in scrapbooking are great as well. Just lay them on your printer and print out. I buy a cheap contact as it isn't that thick and cover the cardboard, both sides - that is important - it must be covered both sides!

I have a large floor tile I use for cutting on.

Using a sharp cutting tool carefully cut around the design, rotating the cardboard as much as possible, instead if the cutter. The cardboard is easier to move because the contact is on both sides as slides easier.

With designs that have inner pieces leave 'bridges' of contact to hold it to the main design

Making your own Stamps or Rubbings

One of my favourite places to go when the craft fairs are on is the 'Twiddily Bits'  (not sure what it is called) where they sell all these incredible pieces that you turn into beautiful pictures etc.

But for me it is a haven for shapes that I can turn into stencils, stamps or rubbing plates. This is how I use them as stamps and rubbings. I also get those stickers you buy for cards and scrapbooking.

Firstly I glue them onto Balsa Wood. I am experimenting at the moment on sealed or unsealed stickers. Clear gesso or white gesso is another experiment for ease of cleaning.

Butterfly sticker unsealed, chandelier using clear gesso

You can use a hoop or just hold I found a hoop made it easier to hold still. The one on the left is using a stencil brush to rub the oil stick on, the one on the right is rubbed straight on

On this one I rubbed the oil stick straight onto the stamp and then placed the material onto it and rubbed over it, the top is unhooped, the bottom hooped. Then wiped the stamp down with Mineral Turps, then rinsed in warm soapy water. As the pieces are previously sealed it doesn't damage the stamp


 Above is just a quick experiment with different techniques, if I was going to use any of the pieces I would take care but this was just a morning in the sun playing with an idea

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Fun with lace

It has been quite awhile since I  did a post. Moving and falls have kept me busy - or not busy - in the last few months. I am slowly coming back into letting my creative muse have some fun.

I haven't made the time to sit down with my dye book and work out smaller measurements of dye as yet but I wanted to play with lace and the different fabric pencils etc I had so here are the results.

The final picture is of the Paint sticks lace hand washed, the single motif came out well but the lace piece also turned out. It depends on what you are looking for. (for some reason I couldn't type next to the picture this time - go figure ;) )

In all of the trials the lace kept a soft hand which I was pleased about, especially if you want to use the pieces for Crazy Quilting or similar

I hope to try other ways to colour lace and will keep you updated

I hope you enjoyed this post and that it may encourage you to also play with these and other techniques, if you do please let me know how it went